Phong Nguyen product, manufactured by the method of thermal extrusion, is a brand-new product in the world and Vietnam. It is a highly durable product, meeting BS standards (UK) and ISO 9001: 2015, with many superior features com-pared to the traditional types of sheet.

High reliability and stability : The product surface is coated with an anti-aging layer, and agent absorbing ultraviolet rays is added, increasing stability and resistance to the aging and discoloration of the product, which make it become greatly superior com-pared to other types of sheet in the market.

Anticorrosion : Phong Nguyen product is not affected by acid, alkali and other corro-sive substances. It is very suitable for the chemical manufacturing plants and coastal areas.

Impact resistance and load: In addition to resistance to cracks during transports, Phong Nguyen product’s load capacity is excellent (100kg / m2), better than any other type of sheet in the market.

Sound and thermal insulation and fireproof : Phong Nguyen product is good at sound and thermal insulation. It minimizes noise during the rain. At high temperatures, the product is only deformed and not ignited.